Architecture put to the test of uses and senses


S E N S O R I A L is a workshop on living spaces which aims to offer a platform for experimenting with investigations and pilot tests, in connection with your doctoral or master's theses in architecture or urban planning. It is centered on the interaction of the user with his environment. Thus, the real in situ context becomes the observation laboratory for the information collected scientifically and methodologically. It is a pilot test for your Master's or doctoral research.

You benefit from the help of the other participants, the methods taught and the support of the Researchers in a friendly atmosphere in Lisbon.

In a few days you will accelerate your current research, collect enough information to publish a paper and benefit from potential co-authors for your publication.


2 hours/week on-line,

6 days in Lisbon, 

2 days free access to the BHS2022

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This fall, we will put into the test the Gare Intermodal de Lisboa

known as Gare do Oriente, designed by


Santiago Calatrava 

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21-22-23 and 28-29-30  November 2022


Mohammed Boubezari

Paulette Duarte

Pedro Afonso Fernandes

Rosália Guerreiro and Israel Guarda

Damien Masson

Cécile Regnault


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24-25 November 2022

Gonçalo Byrne

JeanPaul Thibaud

Ethel Pinheiro

Jorge Bonito

Jean Caldieron


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